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Open-source transcription, indexing, OCR correction and translation. is the home for community development of the open-source FromThePage software. If you want to run a project on FromThePage without setting up your own server, check out

Project News


The most recent instructions for installing FromThePage on your own server are on the FromThePage wiki:


FromThePage source code is hosted on GitHub at If there's a feature you'd like to request, open up an issue in the issue tracker.

We track project development priorities in the FromThePage Waffle board

To follow your own development priorities, fork the FromThePage repository, commit your changes, and create a pull request so we can look at the code and merge it into the main project (if appropriate).

Frustrated with the documentation? We need help there too! You can start editing the wiki, or just emailing document suggestions to We're especially interested in case studies explaining the approach you took in your own project when grappling with transcription conventions, subject categories, or editorial processes. (Some material will be incorporated into online help at, while other material will live on the wiki.)


For questions and support, please post to the FromThePage Google Group or email directly.


Need custom installation or development? Email or post to the FromThePage Google Group and we'll put you in contact with a freelance software developer who can help you out.